The Thesis Statement

Hi! I’m Elliot. As it stands, it is nearing the end of 2015. I’m 27 years old, trans/genderfluid, INTJ-turned-INFP, a bastard, omnivorous, and divorced. I have been paid to be a librarian, a radio astronomer, an oboist*, a doubler, a software quality assurance engineer, a fabric store associate, a seamstress, a tailor, an interior decorator, and a manager. In my free time, I read, write novels, make comics**, crochet, dance, learn languages, cook, and study science and history.

My heroes are Charles James, Margaret Hamilton, T. E. Lawrence, Teddy Roosevelt, Marco Polo, Richard E. Byrd, and Leonhard Euler.

I am obsessed with cephalopods, unpolluted night skies, autumn, Star Wars, and the Merlin mythos.

My universe is fascinating to me.

This blog is a direct result of having the temperament of an academic, but lacking an academic environment. I will always be a learner, an adventurer, an explorer. Unfortunately, my tendency to vomit information for 20+ minutes about the latest thing I’ve learned or discovered tends to bore or overwhelm my family and friends.

Fortunately, there’s the void of the internet to shout into.

If you’re a fellow explorer and/or “multipotentialite,” you may enjoy this blog, which will have posts on widely varied topics every week, ranging from psychology to updates on Pluto to beekeeping–whatever catches my eye and seems interesting at the time. I’ll likely start with comicking techniques and programming, and possibly costuming, as these are topics I’m currently investing time and effort into for external projects. But it might not–who knows?

Welcome aboard, explorers!

*: recording is of Maurice Bourgue and the English String Orchestra. It’s the recording I referenced when preparing the piece for an audition for a university tuition scholarship.

**: This is the most recent addition to my hobbies, so I don’t have anything to link to you yet, because we’re still in the planning stages. But once we have something to show, I will definitely post about it here!

The Thesis Statement

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